Other Assessments

Leverage our Proprietary Assessments & Research.

We specialize in delivering assessments based on our proprietary research and extensive experience, helping organizations identify gaps in employee and leadership skills.

Our assessments are tailored to meet your specific needs, providing valuable insights into the skill sets of your workforce. We go beyond surface-level evaluations, delving deep into core competencies crucial for success in today’s business landscape.


Client First Approach

Built By Us, Just For You

We take pride in building our assessments on our proprietary research. This is done over time, wherein we invest in studying and understanding the skills that drive success across industries. We also utilize our understanding of psychology, as we see it, to design our assessments. We do this to ensure our assessments are accurate and actionable. We further accentuate it with our experiences in Learning & Development to keep our assessments relevant.

Not only this, but we also have the capability to work closely with you, and customize our assessments to align with you. We strive to make sure your organization's goals and objectives are at the front and center.

Assessments We Offer 

We have experience in designing customized assessments across the spectrum, as per client requirements.

  • LeadershipX

    Our proprietary framework we can use to create a well rounded psychometric leadership assessment. Also helpful to understand personality maps, personnel fit in roles, honing leadership skills, and more. Click title for more details

  • Personality Centric

    Uncover employees' personality traits for better team dynamics and leadership development, enhancing self-awareness and fostering effective communication via customized assessments using OCEAN, HEXACO, Dark Triad, MBTI and other frameworks.

  • DISC

    Analyze communication styles to optimize team collaboration, conflict resolution, and leadership development for better workplace relationships.

  • Enneagrams

    Delve into individuals' core motivations to nurture personal growth, teamwork, and leadership effectiveness within your organization.

  • Emotional Quotient

    Enhance emotional intelligence for effective leadership, team collaboration, and stress management among employees.

  • Cultural Fit

    Assess alignment with organizational culture to make informed hiring decisions and enhance employee engagement and retention.

  • Skills & Competencies

    Identify areas of strength and development for tailored training, career growth, and performance improvement.

  • Stress & Resilience

    Promote employee well-being by identifying stressors and building resilience, resulting in higher productivity and lower burnout rates.

  • 360-Degree

    Gather comprehensive feedback from peers, subordinates, and supervisors to empower leadership development and skill improvement.

  • Other Customized Assessments

    Tailor assessments to your organization's unique needs and objectives, addressing specific challenges or goals to drive continuous improvement and growth.

Easy To Use Interface

We deliver our assessments online, over a simple and intuitive interface. We believe it is imperative to get the work done, and not be confused by unnecessary clutter. Hence, we use a simple form based input interface to administer our assessments.

We highly recommend using our platform for our complete suite of assessment types, ranging from one-off trainings, to continuing learning on a periodic basis.

Note - we can also deliver certifications and scoresheets via our platform.

We encourage you to unlock the full potential of your employees and leaders with our proprietary assessments. Contact us NOW to learn more about our targeted learning and development solutions. Press the contact us button to leave your details, or just email us at