The Power of Professional Development Plan (PDP)

The Power of Professional Development Plan (PDP) Professional development plans encompass a range of topics and activities aimed at enhancing employees’ skills and propelling their career growth. Such endeavors can boost employees’ self-assurance in their abilities while simultaneously elevating their value to the organization.  Professional development is undeniably the cornerstone of success in today’s rapidly […]

Best E-Learning Content Providers

Best E-Learning Content Providers In today’s information age, the opportunities to learn new knowledge or refine existing skills are extremely accessible. Knowledge and e-learning courses in form of content, are widely available. However, with this sheer expansion in the volume of learning / e-learning content, the complexity of navigating it has also risen dramatically. Finding the most direct […]

Ultimate Guide to Train The Trainer (TTT) Model

Ultimate Guide to Train The Trainer (TTT) Model In today’s dynamic business landscape, nurturing a proficient and motivated workforce stands as a pivotal priority for any organization striving for sustained success. A powerful strategy that emerges is the innovative “Train-the-Trainer” model. This internal training approach acts as the catalyst for equipping your employees with the […]

Top Leadership Assessment Tools for 2023 – 24

Top Leadership Assessment Tools for 2023 – 24 In the ever-evolving landscape of leadership, self-awareness is the cornerstone of growth and success. To navigate the intricate path of leadership, one must possess a clear understanding of their strengths and areas in need of development. On the other hand, organizations have the capability to utilize leadership […]

The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Training

The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Training Welcome to the comprehensive guide on corporate training, where you’ll discover all the essential information you need to know about this topic, along with a curated list of top-notch corporate training companies. Let’s dive right in! If you were to pick a uniquely colored grain of sand from the […]

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning On an electrifying journey of knowledge and growth, continuous learning sets the stage for a workplace revolution! As organizations seek to empower their workforce and create a dynamic work environment, the spotlight falls on the exhilarating concept of lifelong learning.  “Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand,”  An […]

Thrive At Work!

Are You Thriver or Survivor? Are you thriving or surviving at your workplace?… This is a very introspective question, hiding a key to your success. Before reading ahead just take a moment and ask yourself.  What’s surviving exactly? Surviving is an all-too-common workplace experience and you have been there. Remember those days when work feels […]

The Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo In the epic battle for supremacy, there are only two true superstars: Innovation & Learning! They are the blazing stars that shine brightest in the dark skies of competition. Forget the old ways; the game has changed, and continuous innovation is the name of the game!  In the past, the innovation story […]


Go SMART Hrithik Roshan looks damn SMART in Lakshya, but do your goals look the same? You wanted your phone, television, car, and overall your life to be smart, and today you don’t want it to be just smart, you need it to have its own intelligence. Have you ever thought these things mentioned above […]

Cultivating Brilliance

Cultivating Brilliance AI has taken over. Every task before AI was already a smooth ride, then why suddenly did we change the way of doing business?  For AI to be integrated into the daily working of organizations, lots of stuff was updated. A huge cost to bear just to align with the world, isn’t it?  […]

The Galaxy of Knowledge

The Galaxy of Knowledge Ever heard about Schrödinger’s Cat Experiment, the one who truly understands it might know it’s true mind-boggler.  Schrödinger kept a cat in a sealed box that may eventually kill it, you’ll never know if the cat’s alive or dead until you open the box. For the cat lover’s out there,  it […]

Learning United Front

Learning United Front Hey Lone Wolf,  I see you there grinding hard to make the best possible impression on your superiors. I am sure your late-night secret learning sessions, your passion to skill up, and that burning desire to achieve a dream larger than life, won’t go unnoticed.   Deep down don’t you think that your […]

Tickle Your Motivation!

Tickle Your Motivation! Howzz the Josh?…Nada Sir!  This is me, every day for the whole week. I am pretty sure if there was a race with sloth to reach my cubicle on Monday morning, I would never stand a chance. It’s like I am running a marathon of a week with a snail’s enthusiasm. Motivation? […]

Technology Enhanced Learning

Technology Enhanced Learning Normal is soo old school, why not be weird?  Who puts a car in a spaceship, just for advertisement? Or just to get fast internet browsing, surround the whole freakinn earth with satellites. And now, he is up to make superhumans with the help of neural links. How awesome is that, Right? […]

Coach VS Mentor

Coach VS Mentor In the shadows of professional and personal lives, lies a realm where seekers wander without guidance. It’s a place where lost souls roam, surrounded by challenges and yearning for support that remains elusive. A mysterious silence blankets their journey, leaving them unanchored in a sea of uncertainty. When one walks alone, the […]


Teamwork Waaaiiiiit! I know you read the title and also you’ve gone through many such blogs explaining the importance and lots of jargon on teamwork, sooo boring. You might think “teamwork” was only interesting when you use to play gully cricket, but that too has nearly become extinct, I think we need to update that […]

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset It’s raining heavily, and all I want is a warm cup of coffee and a comfy chair by my window. After all, I’ve spent the whole day on my desk, trying to find my escape through the keyboard keys, also there is this huge party tonight and I want to rock it with […]

Workplace Wonderland

Workplace Wonderland Hey wanderer, Welcome to Wonderland, a place where you’re encouraged to expand your skills, here learning is not just an afterthought but a top priority, where everyone is on an enlightening quest from interns to CEO all behind knowledge and growth. In this enchanted world, leaders and employees have a superpower to improve […]

Knowledge: A New Cool

Knowledge: A New Cool Juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, from work to family to social, trying to squeeze in a little “me” time, sounds exactly like a typical week, doesn’t it? Indeed life gets fast, leaving no time to breathe, let alone learn. Grasping something new, and attending classes to accelerate your career is complete […]