Hrithik Roshan looks damn SMART in Lakshya, but do your goals look the same?

You wanted your phone, television, car, and overall your life to be smart, and today you don’t want it to be just smart, you need it to have its own intelligence. Have you ever thought these things mentioned above are just accessories to pace up your life, so you can achieve your goals? 

But isn’t your goal also an accessory to achieve that desired life? The life goals we set for ourselves only revolve around 4P’s (Position, Prestige, Power, Penny). Let’s face it we’re dreamers hence our goals are set, either way below our potential or high up to what we can achieve. 

I too dream to have my own chopper land on my terrace, personal valet with my Rolls Royce waiting for me outside to take me out for breakfast. I would love to enjoy my evening tea/coffee with Leonardo DiCaprio on my green luscious lawn. Deep down everybody likes to have a walk in that wonderland, right?

Your goal is the future definition of you” and it shouldn’t be unrealistic. It is like getting betrayed by yourself and nobody wants it. 

Imagine you’re standing on a grand stage, the spotlight shining down on you, as the audience roars with anticipation. You have a vision, a dream that’s been whispering in your heart, waiting to be turned into reality. That’s where the power of SMART goals comes in, turning those fleeting ideas into a rock-solid plan of action.

So, Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a journey of goal-setting greatness with the fantastic SMART method! 

The SMART acronym is a method designed to help you efficiently plan and outline your goals in a realistic, achievable way. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. The SMART method was developed by business consultant George T. Doran in his article “There’s a S.M.A.R.T. way to write management goals and objectives.” Though originally devised for business goals, this system is also useful for personal and creative goals as well.

  • Be a Goal Ninja [S]

         Imagine being a goal ninja, slicing through the fog of uncertainty! Your dreams should be as clear as a neon sign in Times Square. No more vague “I-want-to-do-something” nonsense! Get laser-focused and shout it from the rooftops: “I’m gonna conquer THIS!”

  • Numbers, Baby, Numbers! [M]

         Achievements without numbers are like rock concerts without an audience. We want the crowd to cheer, right? So, put a number on it! Quantify your progress, measure your wins, and high-five yourself along the way. Show off your results like a rockstar!

  • Climb Every Mountain [A]

         It’s time to conquer Mount Everest, but hold up! Let’s be real; are you ready for that challenge? Make sure your goals are within reach. I’m not saying you can’t aim high, but start with the hills before you conquer the peaks. Every rockstar started with small gigs, right?

  • Rock Your Passion! [R]

         Does your goal harmonize with your passions? Let’s avoid strumming random chords on the guitar of life! Keep your goals in tune with your interests and values. Make it rock and roll in your heart!

  • Set the Countdown [T]

Tick-tock, tick-tock, the clock’s ticking, and it’s showtime! Set a deadline, and turn up the heat! Embrace that sense of urgency, and imagine the ticking clock like a drumbeat driving you toward victory!

Where do you see yourself?

1. Personal Development: The Maestro!

You’re not just gonna work; you’re gonna dominate your workplace like a professional maestro! By the end of the year, you’ll be rocking your workplace like a rockstar and competing with the best! You’ll be learning and practicing consistently. 

2. Professional Development:

 Within weeks, you’ll achieve double your targets, taking yourself from ordinary employee status to superstar. Tune up those working hours, and achieve those targets. Now relax and admire the appreciation coming your way.

3. Master your destiny!

Disrupt the way your life was working before, take control in your hands. Engage yourself more in learning, be around those nerdy achievers, but be reminded that you are not one of those, this level is just a stepping stone for you.

Hey you know-all folks, Ready to Astound?

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