The Galaxy of Knowledge

Ever heard about Schrödinger’s Cat Experiment, the one who truly understands it might know it’s true mind-boggler. 

Schrödinger kept a cat in a sealed box that may eventually kill it, you’ll never know if the cat’s alive or dead until you open the box. For the cat lover’s out there,  it was a thought experiment and no cat was harmed. It points out the bias in the human thought process. The question “To be or not to be” is constant. It’s often used to explain the idea of superposition, an observer’s paradox. 

The experiment above works only in a 2-dimensional plane, either cat can be alive or dead, but the decisiveness of humans works on multiple planes. Speaking physics, you may never know the exact position of a particle in a quantum plane, such as your state in every aspect of your life. You will never know “where exactly you stand?”

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room. Why does the question arise, if I’ve learned enough? You never ask if you have breathed enough, then why question learning? It’s because you see learning as a tool to access the things you desire. So why do you see it as a tool? 

We are all blessed with the vast Indian Culture, the significant thing about it is, it holds its value irrespective of geography. There is a verse that was taught to students first before they start their learning journey “Nish karanen shadango Vedadhyana ”. It suggests studying for no derived reason.

The Deepest Trench

No, I’m not speaking about “The Mariana”. There is another trench much deeper than that. It’s so deep that no one knows where it ends, but still, it has more divers than the Mariana Trench.  

Surely, you will be exhausted but with every foot you dive, you will enjoy more. You don’t have to worry about the pressure or oxygen. Creatures in there are so welcoming they will always encourage you to dive deeper. They might even give you the fuel to keep going. You will explore soo many things in there, that you might need to switch your brain from CPU to GPU. That’s “Learning” my friend. 

Jumping into a bottomless pit is always frightening but if you think about it, you never have to worry about falling, at least it will give you a reason to keep going,  keep your brain far from those worldly sorrows, and make you look forward always, aren’t those the reasons psychologists are visited for?

Learning doesn’t have to be just for skilling you up, the most important characteristic of learning is to bring value in one’s life, to make thy worthy. To make that sweetest fruit, a tree needs lots of ammunition like fertile land, regular water, pest resistance, and more important “Time”. 

Learning allied with the attitude to keep growing and hunger to learn more is the ammunition you need to make yourself fruitful, and that’s definitely gonna take time but, I tell you that’s the sweetest fruit you’ll ever taste.

Have you arrived?

So, you may ask yourself,

 “Okay I understood the importance of learning and it will take time but will I ever be able to quantify that time?”

There’s no finish line in the race for knowledge. The goal isn’t to reach a point where you stop learning; it’s to keep growing, evolving, and challenging yourself. Embrace the fact that your journey as a lifelong learner is like an epic adventure with plot twists and turns that keep you on your toes.

As the waves of knowledge ebb and flow, you grow more humbled by the vastness of what you don’t know. But fear not, for this is not a tale of despair—it’s a testament to the power of curiosity. With each passing day, you become more eager to explore, delve into the depths of understanding, and share your newfound insights with the world.

Until now you might have got the answers to your questions. You never will and should not arrive at a destination, anyways if you feel like you’re there it’s a mirage.

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