Growth Mindset

It’s raining heavily, and all I want is a warm cup of coffee and a comfy chair by my window. After all, I’ve spent the whole day on my desk, trying to find my escape through the keyboard keys, also there is this huge party tonight and I want to rock it with my friends, I deserve it.

Suddenly alarm struck, Ohh No!! It’s learning o’ clock, My mind is just craving escape and I really don’t want to go through that hell right now…

This is the story of Resistant Raj, who wants to skill up and get that big fat salary and promotion ahead, what do you think happens next, will Raj be able to climb the ladder? Tricky right? 

Raj already knows he needs to keep learning but sees it as a destination, not a journey. Raj is a perfect example of a fixed mindset.

I am not saying he should be compromising comfort & social activities for the sake of learning, rather he should be focussing on his mindset, the way Resistant Raj looks at learning, and the growing process. Don’t you think, he has already limited his challenges?

So how do you develop a learning mindset that keeps you excited to learn something new every day? 

No worries, I got you covered.

Knowing Vs. Believing

Look having faith in yourself is great, but there is a huge difference between knowing and believing something,  for example, you know you have desired skill set to crack the opportunity and you believe you’ve got that skill set…you see the difference now, right?

You should be believing in possibilities and know your potential, it’s a perfect middle ground to thrive. Resistant Raj is the opposite, he knows he’ll get that opportunity and he believes in his potential

You start knowing your potential once you start embracing the challenges, this turns out to be your “kick”,  you keep pushing yourself through challenges, and you’ve got that burning attitude to “never give up”. Now my friend you rock in your workplace and also at that party, Cheers!!

And this is what Growth Mindset is.

Groweat Mindset!

Did you get the title? Grow + Great = groweat …no? Okay, forget it. Don’t know why I keep doing these things. But seriously growth mindset is reaallly cool. Let’s dive deep into that.

As a developed species on earth, humans tend to have many aspects to their lives. Relationships, Friendships, Parenting, Work, etc, all these aspects have a special and very particular space in one’s heart. And all of these aspects of your life to run smoothly need some kind of fuel, and that’s your mindset. “Mindset: An established set of attitudes held by someone.”

The difference between stale water and fresh water is freshwater flows.

A growth Mindset is the same, it keeps you going and always productive. Individuals who believe their talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others have a growth mindset. They are always achievers, not only do they stand out in their workplace but also in life. 

One fine day our friends Resistant Raj and Growthendra decide to trek the mountain “Altitudeshree” they already had hiked many such mountains before. While climbing Raj kept on looking at the top, calculating reaching time, trying to climb as fast as he can, whereas Growthendra kept his own comfortable pace, admiring nature, clicking photographs, and playing in flowing stream water, this went on for a while until they reached the top. 

Raj was so proud of himself, he sat down and relaxed for a  while. On the other side, Growthendra was also happy after reaching there but soon he started looking at other mountain tops, trying to figure out the geography of that mountains. Growthendra is a true example of a Growth Mindset, Be Like Growthendra.

Growth Mindset: A Lie?

You see, a pure growth mindset doesn’t exist, and you need to understand this to attain the benefits you seek.  Everyone is actually a mixture of fixed and growth mindsets, and that mixture continually evolves with experience. People often confuse a growth mindset with being flexible or open-minded or having a positive outlook — qualities they believe they’ve always had, this is called a pseudo-growth mindset.

Attaining growth enlightenment is not that easy, we all have our own fixed-mindset triggers. When you face challenges, receive criticism, or fare poorly compared with others, you can become insecure or defensive, which inhibits growth. Your work environments, too, can be full of fixed-mindset triggers. To remain in a growth zone, you must identify and work with these triggers. 

It’s hard work, but you can gain a lot by deepening your understanding of growth-mindset concepts and how to put them into practice. It gives a richer sense of who you are, what you stand for, and how you want to move forward.

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