Knowledge: A New Cool

Juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, from work to family to social, trying to squeeze in a little “me” time, sounds exactly like a typical week, doesn’t it? Indeed life gets fast, leaving no time to breathe, let alone learn. Grasping something new, and attending classes to accelerate your career is complete nada. But, “Why Learn?  Now after all these years of experience, I am cool where I am and I don’t need knowledge to make me cool. 

However, you need to ask yourself, Can learning afford to take a backseat? Especially in such a fast-paced world with cut-throat competition. You know learning is essential for your personal & professional growth and I am pretty sure you don’t want to miss out on opportunities. So, how do you develop a learning mindset? No worries, I got you covered.

Understanding the Why?

Hustle culture is on the rise. Universities are crafting hybrid curricula and the arrival of AI has paved a new way to look at things. Enriching and diversifying our existing knowledge, have never been so essential. 

Look at your surroundings and you will see the unevenness in your professional space. Continuous learning is emerging as an economic necessity. Only continuous learning can make sense of this uneven and constantly evolving space.  But, just making “learning” an attribute won’t help you much. You must first learn how to learn, unlearn and master your thinking patterns.

You see, you already know the importance of learning. Also, you are aware of what needs to be done to keep yourself ahead of you. You just need to figure out your own “Why”  because that’s what will keep you going.

Desks to Depths…

Explore your depths, and analyze why you think the way you think. You will start noticing the pattern within you. Most of the time the pattern is scattered, you need first to learn to set that pattern right. It will boost your performance, you will grasp more, and learn with enhanced perspective.

Okay, I hope up to this point you might have figured out your “Why”, now the question is “How”.  One could easily think, balancing Work-Life was already my snooze-worthy performance, and if I add learning…

Buddy…get a learning buddy, create your learning group, or join a learning community, there are many out there. The goal is to get someone who can hold you accountable and you receive constructive feedback. Keep in mind, learning is far more important to stay ahead of the game. You can schedule learning hours a day, or a learning session a week. Plan your meetings, deliverables, and engagements around this.

A for Action

A disciplined life is always the easiest life. Everything happens to the best of your ability, and every day becomes more productive than before. The key is to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone and keep a hold on it. It surely is not merry but it’s the only way. 

Learning as an adult is a game of focus and persistence. You need to set your metrics and learning outcomes straight at every stage of your learning. Grind yourself on that planned schedule and keep repeating the process. Also never forget to keep a tab on your progress and what’s the best way to track progress other than implementation. You can apply your learnings at your workplace, also you can take up small projects in your domain of choice.

Get Set Learn.

Now you know how freaking important learning is, right? So let’s saddle up on this lifelong learning journey. 

Still stuck in your “Whys?” and  “Hows?”, let’s talk…

Elevate with NarrativeX

Learning and development are important elements for personal growth. Enabling individuals to unlock their full potential, expand their capabilities, and achieve greater levels of success in various aspects of life. Whether you are an aspiring professional, an entrepreneur, or simply someone who values self-improvement, embracing a lifelong learning mindset can truly make a significant difference.

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